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Here’s how to find a job on Google’s new job search engine

Are you looking for a new career?

Here’s how to find a job on Google’s new job search engine
26 February 2018

Looking for a new job, as everyone knows, can sometimes be pretty soul-destroying. There’s months and months of trawling through SO MANY different job websites, carefully crafting individual applications for each post and then, the ultimate indignity, not even getting a polite “No thank you” back from them in return.

But search giant Google is trying to remove just a little bit of pain this process with their new venture Google for Jobs, which is essentially a handy aggregator for all the jobs available on their site defined according to things like category, location and employer.

Google explained on their Webmaster Central Blog: “Google for Jobs is a new company-wide initiative focused on helping both job seekers and employers, through collaboration with the job matching industry. One major part of this effort is launching an improved experience for job seekers on Google Search.

“For queries with clear intent like [head of catering jobs in nyc] or [entry level jobs in DC], we’ll show a job listings preview, and each job can expand to display comprehensive details about the listing.”

What the mobile version of Google for Jobs looks like 

The statement goes on: “For employers or site owners with job content, this feature brings many benefits:

• Prominent place in Search results: your postings are eligible to be displayed in the in the new job search feature on Google, featuring your logo, reviews, ratings, and job details.

• More, motivated applicants: job seekers can filter by various criteria like location or job title, meaning you’re more likely to get applicants who are looking exactly for that job.

• Increased chances of discovery and conversion: job seekers will have a new avenue to interact with your postings and click through to your site.”

CEO of Google Inc. Sundar Pichai also talked about the new tool during a keynote address last year.

At the minute the feature is only available in the US but once it’s rolled out to the UK, here’s how you’ll be able to use it to find a job, according to Business Insider:

1. Type ‘Jobs’ into the Google search bar and a blue box with the words ‘Jobs’ will appear

2. Start narrowing your search by adding key words like ‘catering’ and locations you’d like to work

3. Google for Jobs will pull together posts from lots of different sites and delete duplicates

4. You can then narrow down your search further by filtering according to job type, category and date posted

5. Once you’ve found a position you like the look of you’ll be able to click through to the original posting 

Now go forth and find your new career. Good luck job seekers! 

(Images: Google / Pixabay)