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Here's how to delete your embarrassing Netflix history

Don't let one bad browsing session ruin your account

Here's how to delete your embarrassing Netflix history

We know you didn't mean to click Green Street 2: Stand Your Ground - it was just a slip of a mouse button - but ever since you did, Netflix keeps suggesting heaps of other gritty hooligan dramas you have no intention of watching (we didn't know Blue Collar Hooligan was a thing either). 

But fear not, your embarrassing Netflix history needn't hold you captive.

Here's how to erase your previous viewing habits, eliminating all fears of being judged during your next Netflix 'n' chill...

Open your account

You'll want to access your account settings, which is easier to access via the Netflix website rather than the app.

Just click your profile picture in the top right of your account and click 'Your Account'.


Head to 'Viewing activity'

From here, scroll down and click 'Viewing activity'.

Star axing your selection

From your activity page, you'll be able to see every show you've ever watched on Netflix - which can be pretty handy if you've forgotten the name of that obscure Polish film you watched some time last year. 

It also allows you to remove any offending film and TV selections from your history. Just click the 'X' arrow, and Netflix will stop bugging you with suggestions similar to that streaming session.