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Here are all the new features that Snapchat just rolled out

Snapchat seems to be taking on WhatsApp

Here are all the new features that Snapchat just rolled out

And you thought Snapchat was just for sending questionable images to your Tinder crush?

The latest update to the social media messaging service has brought a clutch of new features, heralding Snapchat's move away from purely being a picture messaging service to compete with the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

From new sticker options to video calls, here's what you can find in Snapchat's most recent update.

Video calls

Video calls have been on Snapchat for a while, but the latest update brings them to the forefront of the chat section, rather than hiding them away.

To access video calls, head to your chat section (swipe left from the main screen) and select a contact you want to interact with.

From here, you tap the small icon that looks like a video camera (intuitive, right?). The contact can then either join you in a video call, ignore you, or 'Watch' you - like a creepy voyeur.

Send video notes

Again, an 'old' feature that has some new paint on it.

You can now send video chats by clicking and holding the central circle in the chat window and recording a message.

They can then watch this short snap as many times as they want.

Send stickers

Stickers, the alternative wild child to Emoji, are now a big part of Snapchat's messaging service.

There are heaps to pick from: just tap the smiley face in the chat window and you'll be able to scroll through them. Be warned - just tapping on the sticker sends it. 

Make calls

As self-explanatory as it sounds, calls are now a key part of chat.

Be sure you're on a Wi-Fi connection though - this type of call will rinse your data allowance, and you'll get a more stable connection.

Audio notes

Like sending a snap, only of audio rather than an image. 

It's like voicemail for 2016 - which means you'll probably just stick to writing words instead.