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Here are all the major EA E3 announcements

A recap of all the games announced by EA at this year's E3 conference

Here are all the major EA E3 announcements
13 June 2016

The first major gaming stable to announce their E3 line up, EA has got things started in LA with a mix of old faithfuls and flashy new big hitters.

From your new favourite football game to a host of Star Wars adventures, here's what EA will be bringing to your console in the near future.


You know the drill: another year, another FIFA to obsess over. But number 17 feels like a true step up over recent renewals. Use of a more powerful graphics engine, Frostbite, has added staggering detail to the title - meaning Rooney's sunburn appears more painful than ever before - while the physical system that governs the interaction between the ball and players is even more 'real' than ever before. Add in a slicker set piece system and more intelligent computer players, and you've got your new footballing addition.

Due: 29 September

Loads of Star Wars

Right, grab a pen. In addition to new treats for Star Wars: Battlefront (new characters and new planets headed out soon), BioWare will also be telling "more stories" beyond its vast The Old Republic world, while another untitled adventure is also in the works. In short, Disney isn't the only one with multiple Star Wars projects in the works.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Do you love big space games? Really, really big space games? Well good - because Andromeda is promising a whole new galaxy for Mass Effect fans to enjoy.

Due: Early 2017

Titianfall 2 single player

While the first Titanfall put its focus squarely on multiplayer, the sequel looks to give lonely players (or those who just prefer some alone time) a solid piece of solo campaign, seeing you switch between playing a giant Titan and its human pilot. Match made in heaven, if you ask us.

Due: 28 October

Battlefield 1

Ever fancied having 63 mates over for a game of war? The latest Battlefield, set amidst the trenches of the First World War, is offering just that - though online, rather than in a cramped living room. Tanks, Zeppelins, horses, biplanes - if it turns out half as good as the trailer, we'll be happy.

Due: 21 October