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Hemp laced rum is now a thing. Groovy

Spirit of the 60s

Hemp laced rum is now a thing. Groovy
05 July 2019

If you’re bored of the Captain Morgans and Bacardis of this world, then you may want to look at the latest unusual rum to come from Dead Man’s Fingers. It’s a CBD-infused hemp rum: very much where the 1960s meets the 1660s.

The 40% spirit is the fourth drink in the Dead Man’s Fingers range, and if you’re curious about the taste rather than the novelty, the company notes that it has “hints of coffee, hops and pine with a grassy herbal back note.” It’s also best served in a ‘hemp and coke,’ for a bit of a caffeine buzz.

According to the Dead Man’s Fingers brand manager, Lucy Cottrell, the drink is hoping to appeal in the fast-growing ‘flavoured and spiced rum sub-category’.

“As a brand, Dead Man’s Fingers has always been about challenging category norms and innovating,” she told Drinks Retailing News. “Dead Man’s Fingers Hemp Rum is an exceptional spirit that pushes the boundaries where others haven’t dared and fulfils rum drinkers very clear expectations for something more exciting and experimental.

“With this launch Dead Man’s Fingers will bring fun back to a category which has become stale in recent years.”

We’re not sure a drink most commonly associated with pirates can ever be stale, but hey: we’re not the experts here. A 70cl bottle will set you back £22, if you fancy seeing what the fuss is about.

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