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Has Paddy Power gone too far with its latest marketing stunt?

Has Paddy Power gone too far with its latest marketing stunt?

Has Paddy Power gone too far with its latest marketing stunt?

Having already stoked the flames of advertising watchdogs with cat-booting blind footballers, a depiction of the apostles gambling at The Last Supper and alternative social cleansing in the form of ‘chav tranquilisers’, Paddy Power is no stranger to marketing infamy.

For its latest stunt, which purports to mock the quandary faced by migrants trying to reach the UK via Calais, the bookmakers might just have topped the lot in the tastelessness stakes (no word on the odds from Paddy).

If images are to be believed, French-bound lorry is currently in Dover carrying the slogan, “Immigrants, jump in the back! (but only if you’re good at sport)’. Also pasted onto the van are images of Somalia-born Mo Farah, Samoa-born Manu Tuilagi and Jamaica-born footballer Raheem Sterling – all of whom play their sports on an international level for England and Great Britain, and who we’re pretty sure won’t endorse the act.

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Now, the fact we’re writing about this, not to mention showing the company’s famous green markings, means that the ‘crazy’ thinking ad execs have done their job. But with rising unrest and violence on the French coast, fuelled by increasing waves of mass immigration from Syria, Iraq and other war-torn countries in the Middle East hit hardest by ISIS, don’t be too surprised to hear a wave of criticism directed at Paddy Power.

Who knows, maybe the ad team will take the hoarding down.

Might want to keep the wagon though. They’re about to get a truckload of complaints…

[Via: The Guardian]

5 Ads the ASA found more offensive than this

Paddy Power

The famed betting house has turned itself into a Twitter superpower in recent years, although that didn't stop the world and the ASA from getting annoyed by this misjudged Oscar Pistorious gag and betting offer depending on his trial outcome.

The ASA said: "The ad caused serious offence by trivialising the issues surrounding a murder trial, the death of a woman and disability." 

Offence Rating: 5/5

On a scale of moral issues that goes between one and ten, this just roundhouse kicked Katy Hopkins.

British Safety Council

An old-school condom advert that uses The Pope as it's posterboy, it was always going to annoy people wasn't it?

After a barrage of complains the ASA noted the good intentions of the ad but agreed it was quite offensive to Catholics.

Offence rating: 3/5

Rewording religious texts for your own gain is quite bad really, but at least they were supporting a good cause, no?

The Christian Party

A political party formed around Christianity, the appropriately named Christian Party decided to advertise themselves with these banners. Athiests obviously frothed themselves into angry messes and complained like no tomorrow. The ASA agreed that it was a bit offensive to non-believers and that the claim couldn't really be substantiated. Which is fair.

Offence rating: 3/5

Meh, do you really care? Preachers gon' preach - it's sort of what they do. That colour scheme on the other hand? Awful.


The car company created an advert in 2008 that showed an engineer fighting clones of himself. We're not really sure why he was doing that, but he was and it was awesome.

The ASA disagreed though and thought it was slightly too violent. It wasn't, it was just awesome. As a result of not realising how awesome this is they pushed it to post-watershed airings. Which just made it more awesome.

Offence rating: 1/5

This advert is awesome. Watch it here.

Yves St Laurent

If this advert came out in 2015 and not 2000 it would have broken the internet Kim Kardashian style. Instead it sent everybody loopy with cries that it was sexually suggestive and degrading to women. As such the advert was promptly removed. 

Offence rating: 2/5

OK, it is a bit inappropriate but by modern standards it's no worse than most music videos.