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Handy Firestarter Flint Laces

Handy Firestarter Flint Laces

Handy Firestarter Flint Laces
12 August 2014

You're stranded in the woods, night is closing in and you need to build a fire (stick with us here). You've lost your lighter, your matches are wet and you've got no idea how to rub wood together to make a spark. While a consummate woodsman might be able start one with his fingernail and a strand of hair, you might need some help - like a pair of these Flintlaces.

While these unassuming laces might look like regular Type lll 7 strand 550 Paracord cords (you knew that, right?), they hold a lifesaving tool in their rubber tips - a 1 inch Ferro rod.

Amass a pile of dry kindling, strip off the rubber tip to reveal the flint rod, strike it with your pen knife or belt buckle and bask in the masculating glow of your very own fire. You can even reseal the tip of the lace by melting it in the embers.

With four rods included in two laces (one for each tip), here's hoping the rescue party manage to find you before a chilly fifth night.

Available for around £9, you can order a pair here.

(Images: Rattler Strap)

[Via: Cool Material]