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One of the biggest, most talked-about musicals ever looks like it's coming to the big screen

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s 'Hamilton' was the biggest Broadway sensation in years

One of the biggest, most talked-about musicals ever looks like it's coming to the big screen
25 July 2018

Look, we don’t want to hear your sob story because we’re all in the exact same boat. You’ve been trying to get tickets to see Hamilton for years but it’s basically impossible. You’ve scoured the internet, you’ve downloaded every ticket-buying app, you’ve begged family and friends and you’ve even considered dressing up as a member of the cast and scamming your way in Joanne-style by crashing the stage door round the back… but no luck.

But despair not, fellow unlucky people, for Hamilton looks like it’ll be coming to a theatre near you sometime soon.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Hollywood studios are currently battling it out for the big-screen rights to the production but, for now, it won’t be a big-budget movie adaption but rather a recording of the show from 2016 with the original Broadway cast.

The world-wide theatrical rights could sell for more than $50 million – and it’s possible that streaming service Netflix could even bag the broadcasting rights.

Hamilton producers are reportedly asking that the recording not be shown in cinemas, or online, until 2020 or 2021, giving the show at least two more years of life on stage.

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If you’re not familiar, Hamilton has grossed around $400 million in New York since opening in 2015 as well as winning 11 Tony Awards, a Grammy and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

It tells the story of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, incorporating rap, hip hop, R&B and pop, along with a colour-conscious casting of non-white actors.

In December 2017, Hamilton opened in London and the cast even performed at the Olivier Awards. You can fill your boots below… 

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