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New Halloween sequel set to be epic

Could this be the biggest Halloween yet?

New Halloween sequel set to be epic
19 February 2020

Halloween Kills, the sequel to the 2018Halloween follow-up, is out later this year. And if producer Jason Blum's comments on the film are anything to go by, it's going to be huge.

“Halloween Kills is a very big movie,” Blum told website Too Fab. “I can tell you that. The canvas of Halloween Kills is very large.”

What this actually means, however, is up for debate.

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2018's Halloween had very few characters, adding to the creepily claustrophobic vibe of the film. Blum's comments could suggest that the cast – and the world of the franchise – is about to get bigger.

We already know that Jamie Lee Curtis is still in the picture playing Laurie Strode – first seen in John Carpenter's 1978 classic and then years later in the 2018 remake.

1980s teen idol Anthony Michael Hall will also be starring.