Our caring government has a truly heartwarming message for you this Valentine's Day

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Dave Fawbert
DWP Valentine's

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air.

Happy couples can pause for a second to appreciate how lucky they are to have each other and nervous, lovesick puppies can finally summon up the courage to anonymously declare their feelings to the object of their desire.

And single people can just order in a massive kebab and enjoy that instead.

While some people accuse it of being a cynical attempt for restaurants and card makers to cash in - and they are completely right - surely we can all agree that the world is better with a little more love in it?

Well, it seems not everyone agrees.

Because our caring, friendly, thoughtful government has decided that Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to TACKLE BENEFIT FRAUD.

Just take a look at this:

Jesus Christ.

What a miserable bunch.

One day off, would that have been so hard guys? One day off from trying to chase the (incredibly relatively tiny amount of) ‘scroungers’. Still, at least they’re not banging on about (virtually non-existent) ‘benefit tourism’ for once. Small mercies.

Naturally, the internet was not impressed.

Whatever you say about this government, they really know how to do PR, don’t they?

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