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Gordon Ramsay and Kevin Spacey had a swear off, and it's obviously worth watching

Has Ramsay finally met his match?

Gordon Ramsay and Kevin Spacey had a swear off, and it's obviously worth watching
25 May 2017

Being Gordon Ramsay must be great.

An elite, multi-Michelin starred chef with a global empire of restaurants and numerous TV shows, but more importantly, a man whose personal brand is built around his frequent and emphatic use of the word “fuck”. Gordon Ramsay has fucking made it. 

The 50-year-old already made the headlines this week after an episode of his naturally expletive-loaded Ramsay's Hotel Hell aired extremely pre-watershed on Channel 4 (not technically his fault), but think that’s the end of your G-Ram fill? Not a chance. 

Ramsay is bringing another of his popular shows, The F-Word, to the US, and his first guest is none other than Kevin Spacey. A clip released ahead of the show’s premiere next week sees the pair engage in what can only be described as a swear off while they discuss Spacey’s upcoming one-man play about famous U.S. lawyer Clarence Darrow, or as the legendary actor prefers to call him, Clarence Fucking Darrow

He breaks for a second to compliment Ramsay’s “fucking good” food, to which the chef replies, clearly feeling threatened by his on-screen partner’s mastery of his favourite word of all time: “Of course it’s fucking good. I fucking cooked it.”

He’s met his match here, though. Spacey swears incessantly, and with real flair, until Ramsay finally concedes, “I’ve been out-fucked.”

We never thought it was possible.