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Google Translate describing The Simpsons characters is just lovely

Strangle the son of Bart's neck is annual

Google Translate describing The Simpsons characters is just lovely
01 December 2016

There is much technology has achieved. We can cross continents digitally to talk to those on the other side of the world. But unfortunately, we’re still working on beating the language barrier.

Google Translate is still figuring its stuff out, as anyone who has tried to use it to translate more than one word will know. God help the soul trying to navigate Tokyo with nothing but an iPhone – the software has a particularly difficult time translating Japanese.

Though it struggles, we can take joy in the comical result of its attempts, as Twitter user @Arr found when he translated the Japanese Wikipedia page for Friends.

Inspired by his findings, we decided to translate the character descriptions for The Simpsons. It’s safe to say we have a new respect for ‘Merge’ and a lot of useless information about theyellow-hued family, such as Bart’s blood type. Read the best bits below:



Hero. Simpson house of her husband. Love of family is very strong, but end up almost idly out in behavior indicates that it. Strangle the son of Bart's neck is annual.

In addition, well your brain to a conversation with. Because the crayon that rammed through the nose as a child was stuck in the brain, seems head became worse (IQ55). Once removed by surgery the crayons, head (quite a genius in the IQ105 and Springfield) better.

After graduating from high school a nuclear power plant has been working as a safety management officer at, is also being laid off tens of thousands have repeatedly re-employment. It is also often the promotion is somthing to the president of Barnes from casual thing, but eventually be relegated to the original management officer. The number of occurrences of accidents has increased dramatically after the arrived. Department sector 7G.

Donut and Dafubiru and the TV is thin in the middle age of the favorite fat head, lacking in social order, always Meaux shop at Lenny and Karl of, tilt the Barney et al. And alcohol, drinking and driving home to It has become a daily routine.


His real name is Marjorie Simpson (Marjorie Simpson), nee Bouvier (Bouvier). 34-year-old. Simpson house wife. Relatively common sense people, but gambling addiction and alcoholism has a habit of, also, on the role that rule the family, because it has a resistance to it to act aggressively, it appears to not interesting people in the familying.

From the trauma of childhood fear of flying, but was a time it was, it has become calm from going to consult a psychiatrist. Picture is there that sent the portrait to the Beatles' Ringo Starr to good a student.

Vertically elongated Afro hair's hairstyle is characteristic, such as, but (young was straight hair), are keeping this state with a single pin (and are re-set twice a day). Blue hair is dyed. In addition, a scene that has been housed digs such as notes and mad money in the hair also found many.


Real name is Bartholomew Jojo Simpson. Eldest son of the first child of the Simpson family, 4 grade of 10-year-old. Blood type O Rh-. In the Simpson house, the only left-handed. Curious and mischievous boy. The first person in the "I", the second person is "you".

Is a hair style with upright nine jagged. Often brought before the court by mischief love is evil, relationship of acquaintance with Judge Snyder. Study is a completely useless, but may become the author of a huge comet or saved Selma or dispel the false accusations of Krusty from Sideshow Bob, also has achievements, such as save the lives of Burns president in blood transfusion. 

On shoulders, also show one side of caring. Skateboard technique of genius. Hate to be not a smart way, feel free to refuse if you do so, of a sense today's child.

Favorite phrase is "Aikaranba! (Oh my GOD! Meaning in Spanish)," "Kawabanga" Cowabunga"(I did it! Slang meaning)". And I think the best friend Milhouse, but is often betrayed from Millhouse.


In the eldest daughter of the Simpson house of second child, the age of 8. Often also to get come to almost common sense and wise family of action. Not particularly fit is quite good to be true to be a father Homer, also there when the crack in the father and son relationship. But quite childish one side a lot, but it should TV had said that hate or looking at every time the "Itchy & Scratchy", often or begging for something with Burt.

Grades I wish also best head in the class in almost every time A, but do not in Shingakuko of private from the Simpson family's economic situation. Baritone sax like to blow, the future of the dream is a professional jazz musician. Wish to keep the world peace and the pony. Is the trouble is that there are no friends.

An ecologist Animal Rights of the system vegetarian is even. It is currently a Buddhist, originally a devout Christian was (encounter opportunity with a person who appeared in the play). Cause withdrawal symptoms and do not go to school. In the story of the future women not in America's first lesbian president has become. Springfield Mensa has joined the.


His real name is Margaret Simpson (Margaret Simpson). Simpson house of the third child of the still 1-year-old in the second daughter baby. And wearing a blue ribbon in the same hairstyle and Lisa, were added to their feelings pacifier has a special skill that is represented by the sound of, it corresponds to the habit of saying. Wild with it Grizzly also took and communication. But meet the often dangerous eye survive well in the time, rarely do not cry.

Baby has the intelligence and tremendous physical ability, such as I do not think, in places that do not look in the family has been working voluntarily and actively. In addition, (in season 13, "Papa police officers of justice"), but "Who? Shot Burns" was shooting the accidentally Burns in an episode of, that can handle freely the gun was found after.


Moe is generally drawn with a bad personality. He has a short and violent temperament, a miserable nature, a speech like speech, anger and unconscious, is a mood that is shaken rapidly between anger, indifference and suicide despair It becomes evident in the episode after the show. He easily irritates and frequently threatens his customers with his bar with a shotgun behind the counter. He is also grumpy, and the continuing chain of success of Bad is particularly angry at his bar. Inevitably it will be forced to return the threat of a disastrous catastrophe in red-and-witch style. 

However, he also says that such actions are kept secret, but sometimes it is sometimes shown to have an emotional and thoughtful aspect to his personality, such as reading to a sick child or homeless. In the interaction with his various girlfriends, the negative elements of his personality necessarily emerge and ruin things, but he showed real selflessness and kindness. He proudly says "I am doing things I do not feel proud of," he sought for salvation.

Moe has a life of love that hardly exists because of his vulgar of his women and his ugly appearance.


The son of Wiggum police chief and Lisa Simpson's classmate Ralph is best known as a heretic boy of this show's residents. He is famous for his non-butlery and unstable behavior. His line ranges from a meaningless or strange interpretation of the current event to an amazingly deep statement beyond the heads of people. His behavior is incorrect, spontaneously awkward, sometimes easily, sometimes unaware of happiness. The essence of the character has received a seemingly different interpretation in various media for many years.


Barry Duffman, well known by Duffman has a recurring nature of "It embodies all the pride and overstatement of modern marketing". He is based in Duff Corporation, which sells fictitious dough beer, based on Budweiser's former Mascot Badman. Duffman, who plays a slogan while he pushes down It is an actor of muscles wearing costumes of heroes. The impulse of Duffman was first struck out by Brad Bird. His catchphrase "Ohio!" Is that many advertisers are using Ferris Bueller 's Day Day,

Santa’s Little Helper

Simpson house dog. Stupid dog that there is when you do not hear that people say. Originally not increase the Udatsu dog race in the greyhound dogs, for performance of the race was bad, it picked up a place that has been abandoned by their owners to Homer and Bart. Snowball II and unusually good relationship, or hugging each other grooming or each other to the (for some reason Secluded). 

Get angry when you berserk reduction. Have you ever vandalism things of the room and Simpson house. There is that of the same dog species she had, there are also children 25 animals between the girlfriend. In addition, to make a lot of children between the dog of Hibbert doctor, for some reason, there is also a thing that has been strangled to Homer.

Snow balls 2

Simpson house cat. The previously kept have been Snowball 1 died after being hit by the car of the brother of the mayor who was drinking and driving, snow ball 1 into the world just like a cat in which Homer and merged for Lisa mourned it has been picked up. 

Died being hit by a 1 II same car, III thicker tail in the hair color is brown, it drowned in an attempt to take a water tank of goldfish in love Lisa releases the eye. It was also given this name to the next that also next of cat (5 III). It should be noted that the body of the snow ball 1 II who is in heaven is with a trace of the tire. 

The III IV was kept after of is named Coltrane, white is hair color and head of the form is similar to Bart, Lisa Sachs surprised, had slipped death from the second floor. But better to be euthanized from the health center was the Lisa drop is said to a machine, suddenly hurled the cat (just like snow balls) to the cat lady, but the cat was initially hesitated, Snowball II (second generation I will be keeping as).