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Google Glass isn't dead - two new models are in the works

Google Glass isn't dead - two new models are in the works

Google Glass isn't dead - two new models are in the works

You've got to admire Google - while the world flatly rejected the first iteration of the Google Glass, they're hard at work bringing its successor back to the world's faces.

Sorry, not "admire" - "laugh at".

Tech site The Information has word from inside the resurrected Google Glass venture - now titled 'Project Aura' - that former Apple employee Tony Fadell has been handed the task of making the project consumer-friendly. The secretive team is currently working on three models of Auras, set to be cut to two final models before going to launch in 2016.

One version, targeted at "enterprise" businesses (yep, we think that's ambiguous as well), will be a revamped version of the first Google Glass, rocking an augmented reality screen in one of the lenses and feature a built-in camera.

Two other concepts scrap the screen to focus on audio connection - so they're not really glasses at all. Targeted at the "sports" sector (people who enjoy keeping a record of their sweat), these models use the same bone conduction technology of the original Glass to pick up your voice through vibrations in your skull.

Quite how they'll allow users to interact with what the 'glasses' record, or what information they can provide on the spot, is yet to be revealed.

The Aura glasses are going to need some pretty nifty tricks to impress in what's becoming an increasingly crowded wearables market. Would a new, Apple-style set of wearable smart glasses convince you to pick up a pair?

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