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GoldenEra is set to be a must watch doc about N64 classic Golden Eye 007

You remember the game – now watch the film

GoldenEra is set to be a must watch doc about N64 classic Golden Eye 007
26 February 2020

Golden Eye 007 was an absolute classic in the N64 canon. A first person shooter, the game came out in 1997 and was based on the Pierce Brosnan James Bond film that had come out two years previously.

You played as Bond as you made your way through London, attempting to stop a deadly crime syndicate destroying the city: you could also play in multiplayer or death match mode. It was incredibly fun.

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And now, it looks like we're going to be able to relive some of that Golden Eye 007 fun on the N64, as one documentary-maker is releasing a film about the game.

It's an inside look at the making of the game, for one: director Drew Roller has been interviewed for the film, as well as other staff who worked on its development.

It will also look at the game's design, as well as the impact it had in the gaming world more generally.

"The highest selling FPS ever for 8 years running with over 8 million copies sold, its groundbreaking single player and massively popular multiplayer dominated living rooms all around the world," a press release for the film reads.

"GoldenEye redefined the gaming industry – and its impact on game design and philosophy are still felt to this day."

"For the first time, the story of how such a groundbreaking title was made by a tiny, untested team, and unleashed on an unsuspecting public, is revealed in a creation story like no other."

No specific release date yet, though we do know it will be coming out this year. Time to dust off that N64 in the meantime, we think...

Via GoNintendo