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Here’s how to win £5,000 just for ordering a burger

You've got to be quick

Here’s how to win £5,000 just for ordering a burger
Tom Victor
26 February 2018

We might not even be halfway through the week, but we bet a few of you can’t wait for Friday to roll around.

First of all, it’s absolutely Baltic outside. You can’t feel your extremities for about half of every day, your train into work this morning got cancelled, and you’re angry at believing we were over the worst of the weather when it was vaguely sunny last week.

We say ‘first of all’ as if there need be another reason - there really isn’t, though.

You’ve been tempted to stray from your usual food routine, ditching the homemade salads and sandwiches for a cheeky burger, but you’ve kept your discipline so far.

That’s only because there has been no extra incentive to order in, but that’s all changing in a very big way.

You might have heard last week that delivery app Deliveroo was celebrating its fifth birthday.

Well, those celebrations are continuing in the coming days with the promise of a £5,000 reward for anyone who discovers one of five special 3D-printed golden burgers.

It’s part of a promotion in tandem with restaurant chain Five Guys, and it’s remarkably easy to give yourself a chance of the prize.

All you need to do is order a Five Guys burger through Deliveroo before midnight on Friday. That’s it.

While the golden burgers are replicas of Five Guys’ trademark double cheeseburger, anyone who makes any order from the chain will be in the running.

That means if you just fancy a hot dog, or a grilled cheese sandwich, or one of their massive sacks of fries, you’re still in with a shot. Not sure why you wouldn’t go for the cheeseburger, mind you.

The competition is running at 60 Five Guys venues in the UK this week, with one golden burger handed out each day from Monday-Friday. More details can be found here.

(Images: Five Guys/Deliveroo/iStock)