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Butchers' create outrageously huge pig in blanket that serves 24 people

Christmas dinner plans sorted

Butchers' create outrageously huge pig in blanket that serves 24 people
Tom Victor
01 December 2017

It’s finally happened. Someone has finally made a pig in a blanket that’s the same size as actual pigs in actual blankets.

You might think someone should have told them not to take things so literally, but at the same time… look at the fucking size of the thing.

If you thought the new Nando’s Christmas burger was big, or had plans to work your way through the entire McDonald’s festive menu, it’s time to take a step back, because this is on another level altogether.

That’s right, it’s a pig in a blanket big enough to feed 24, or one very, very, very, very, very hungry individual.

Jesus Christ

It’s the work of Appetite, an appropriately named butcher located near the Olympic Park in Stratford, East London.

Now, obviously a regular pig in a blanket is good, and research from Food Network, who commissioned this monstrosity, suggested it’s Brits’ favourite part of a Christmas dinner.

However, while the three or four (read 13 or 14) you’re bound to eat at Christmas are great, they’re not exactly on the same level as this beast, with 52 feet of bacon wrapped around 45 sausages, with a Cumberland ring bookending the meaty pile.

It’s available until 15 December, and will set you back £140. Sounds like a lot, but that’s for 24 people, remember, so if you’ve got a big family then you’re probably already figuring out a way to get your other half to approve the plan.

Good, but not big enough, are they?

Of course, if you can’t stretch to more than £100-worth of pork, there are other options.

You can pick up a 12-person version for £80 or a six-person serving for half that amount – yes, that’s still three kilos of butchers’ quality meat for £40.

Put it another way: you could be spending a full £40 or more on a turkey, so why not splash out the same amount on an ingredient you actually prefer?

It ought to improve those Boxing Day sandwiches, too.

(Images: iStock/Food Network)