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Giant Alaskan Igloo For Sale

Giant Alaskan Igloo For Sale

Giant Alaskan Igloo For Sale

Spare a thought for the estate agent lumbered with selling this giant £177,595 Alaskan igloo.

Originally built as a hotel in the '70s, the 80ft high and 105ft wide structure you see above, despite having had its fair share of owners, has remained mostly dilapidated, these days acting simply as an incongruous spot for tourists driving into Alaska’s Denali National Park.

Moreover, if you hadn’t guessed already, that’s not actually ice (shock horror) - the faux glacier is actually a shell of plywood. Though it’s the inside that needs some work, with any prospective buyer estimated at needing north of £600,000 to install electricity and furnish it to a liveable standard.

Still, should you ever fancy opening up an igloo hotel on a 38-acre site, grab your mittens now.

[Via: Gizmodo]

(Images: Flickr Creative Commons, Malcolm Manners)