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London now has a giant (adults-only) bouncy castle to turn your frown upside down

No need to pinch yourself. This is very, very real...

London now has a giant (adults-only) bouncy castle to turn your frown upside down

Stop absolutely everything. Your childish prayers have been answered.

The guys behind the immensely popular Candy Crush series of games has decided that London is far too boring and done exactly what anyone else would do to try and rectify the situation. They've inflated a massive, adults only bouncy castle. 

Seriously. You have to be over 16 to ride bounce.

It’s absolutely massive too, at 7 metres high. Not only that but it lights up, makes noise and certain squares emit raspberry scented clouds when bounced on.

It’s basically everything you’ve ever needed on a Friday (and Saturday, it’s open tomorrow too) and it’s completely free to have a go on. Oh, and for the lols, they named it Bouncingham Palace.

To find this multi-coloured haven (although we’re sure you won’t have too much trouble spotting it from Tower Bridge) head to 2 More London Place, The Riverside, SE1 2JP. You can bounce for free from 10am to 8pm today (Friday) and 10am-6pm on Saturday.


(Image: gillian1017/Instagram)


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