Here's what happened when two gay teens were heckled by a bunch of lads after their school prom

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Harvey Day
Here's what happened when these gay teens were heckled by a bunch of lads after their school prom

This story of a young gay couple in New Jersey is totally unexpected and absolutely heartwarming 

We’re in 2018 but something as simple as going on a date or holding hands is still pretty scary for lots of people in the LGBT+ community. So, imagine how nervous these two teens must have felt when they decided to go to prom together.

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Theodore Vidal and Colin Beyers, from Seaside Heights in New Jersey, had been dating for a while and decided to go to their school’s annual shindig as a couple. As you can see, the pics of the pair together are pretty adorable:

On prom night, they were walking along the town’s boardwalk in their matching tuxedos to take a few selfies when they heard group of guys shouting from the top of a roof.

“It’s South Jersey. Guys pick on us for being gay a lot,” Vidal told Buzzfeed. “It’s an area where you normally would get picked on and discriminated against.”

American journalist Michael Del Moro happened to be in the area and witnessed the scene unfold. His Twitter thread detailing what happened next is absolutely worth a read; just make sure you have your hankies at the ready because if this doesn’t make you shed a few happy tears then you’re obviously a stone-hearted demon monster…

LGBT+ people still face immense discrimination, violence and even death around the world – but it’s nice everyone once in a while to see that, in small pockets, slowly but surely, things might be getting better. Good for you guys! 

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