This Yorkshire 'drone diversion' story is going to be the greatest Christmas movie ever made

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Dave Fawbert

Move over ‘Love Actually’, this one’s gonna be reet good

The recent drone incident at Gatwick may have been terrible news for holidaymakers, with people trying to get away, and home, for Christmas either stranded at the airport or diverted elsewhere, but it turns out that it could be great news for Hollywood.

Love Actually was released 15 long years ago and, ever since, the question has been whether it could ever be topped as the greatest Christmas rom-com ever.

But now, thanks to Times writer and Evening Standard columnist Ben Machell, the wait could be over.

Because he has spotted the potential for the greatest festive love story ever told, all thanks to the disastrous drone antics in South London.

Immediately people could see that this was a movie proposal with zero flaws.

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Enraptured by the potential this plot has, people starting chipping in with their own suggestions:

And even their own poster:

There’s already an impeccable sequel idea:

However, Ben had one important clarification to make:

As well as reiterating why he is the best person to direct this forthcoming masterpiece:

But, of course, it wouldn’t be complete without one thing…

Just take our money and get this thing made.

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