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Watch Gary Oldman and Gerard Butler in the first trailer for 'Hunter Killer'

Submarines shooting things! PIAOW PIAOW!

Watch Gary Oldman and Gerard Butler in the first trailer for 'Hunter Killer'
27 July 2018

Good old Gerard Butler - he’s had his hits (300), he’s had his misses (Geostorm), but he’s always good value. Love a bit of the Butlers, so we do. So fresh from his surprisingly good Den Of Theives, he’s back in killing-people mode with his latest action flick, Hunter Killer.

The film is based on the 2012 novel Firing Point, by Don Keith and George Wallace, and focuses on a submarine captain (Butler) who teams up with some Navy SEALs to rescue the Russian president. Along the way he will fire some torpedoes, say some very serious things, not smile (until the end, probably), and fingers-crossed, punch at least one person.

Here’s the trailer:

Not really sure the current appetite for submarine films, but hey, there’s a lot of famous faces in this one - alongside Butler, you’ve got Linda Cardellini, Common, Michael Nyqvist and Gary Oldman - so they’re clearly pumping a bit of money into it and hoping it works.

On directing duties is Donovan Marsh, who you haven’t heard of, because he’s normally making movies over in South Africa starring John Cleese and Troye Sivan. It’s also from the producers of Fast and Furious and Olympus Has Fallen, although it doesn’t seem to be emulating the ridiculousness of those two movies (dammit) and looks to be playing it relatively straight. 

You can satiate your debilitating need for submarine action when it hits cinemas on October 26.


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