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'Game of Thrones' just dropped a gamechanging piece of information about White Walkers

Holy s*** that was a stressful episode

'Game of Thrones' just dropped a gamechanging piece of information about White Walkers
21 August 2017

Holy fuck, that was a stressful episode. My heart is still racing, and I watched it last Thursday.

Somehow, Tyrion’s ludicrous plan to capture a wight actually worked, but at the expense of Thoros (mauled by a White Walker BEAR, which is terrifying), and – oh shit – Viserion. Yep, the Night King has an ice dragon now. That’s a thing.

That was obviously the biggest revelation of the episode, but Jon and the gang also found out a vital piece of information – a piece of information that changes the game completely when it comes to taking down the Army of the Dead.

When the Suicide Squad come across a small band of undead, led by one White Walker, they struggle a little to fight them off – until Jon takes Longclaw to the Walker, and almost all of the wights immediately die.

They then realise that by killing a White Walker, you also kill all of the wights it has raised, which essentially narrows down the number of zombies they’re going to eventually have to kill significantly. Kill the Walkers, and the wights will go down too.

But more than that, if they can kill the Night King, that might mean that the entire army dies (can undead things actually die? We don’t really know, but there’s no better word for it. Destroy?) with him. 

The lads, off on one of the most stupid missions of all time

Obviously that’s still going to be a mammoth task – we all saw what he did to Viserion with that magic ice javelin – but it does at least make the task at hand slightly easier.

The question is, who do we reckon is going to kill the Night King? The obvious answer has always been Jon, but after this week’s developments, perhaps Daenerys and her dragons are now in the running? After all, she’s going to want revenge.

However, you could also forgive her for wanting to keep Drogon and Rhaegal out of the firing line from now on. It might be sensible to stop the Night King from taking all three dragons, to be fair. If he did that then the living would have no chance.

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