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An incredible hidden detail from this 'Game of Thrones' scene could reveal Cersei's fate

We're totally convinced

An incredible hidden detail from this 'Game of Thrones' scene could reveal Cersei's fate
21 July 2017

That it’s now Friday and we’re still uncovering hidden messages from Sunday’s Game of Thrones season opener show exactly how much detail goes into creating the show.

Nothing is ever coincidence – it’s either done for a reason that will become clear later on, or done to deliberately trick fans, but it is never, ever coincidence.

Which is why this brilliant spot during a scene between Jaime and Cersei in ‘Dragonstone’ is getting people excited.

Fans have long theorised that Jaime will be the one to kill his twin sister, thanks to a prophecy made by a seer called Maggy the Frog when Cersei visited her as a child.

Cersei was told that she will have three children, and all three of them shall die before she does, and also that she will be killed by her ‘valonqar’ – Valyrian for ‘younger brother’.

Maggy the Frog - the seer who gave Cersei her prophecy as a child

Now, we already know that the first part of the prophecy has come true, and Cersei believes the second part refers to Tyrion – which goes some way to explaining why his absolutely hates his guts.

But actually, a lot of fans have suggested that it means Jaime – though he and Cersei are twins, Jaime was actually born a few minutes after Cersei, technically making him her younger brother.

Maggy the Frog’s prophecy goes that the valonqar will wrap his fingers around Cersei’s ‘pale white throat’ and choke her to death, which is why this particular shot should be very worrying to Cersei and anyone fans who wants to see her live to the end (ha, yeah right).

This could spell terrible news for Cersei

If you take a look at where Cersei is standing on the map of Westeros, it’s the part known commonly as ‘The Neck’ – while Jaime is out on Littlefinger’s birthplace – The Fingers. Oh shit…

Jaime’s fingers, Cersei’s neck – this is exactly the sort of little detail Benioff and Weiss would include to foreshadow a death. I, for one, am totally convinced.

We already saw Jaime and Cersei’s relationship start to deteriorate slightly in the Season 7 opener – he looked particularly concerned when she talked of crushing all their enemies to build a ‘dynasty’, and he had to remind her that all their children are dead – there is no one left to build a dynasty for.

Jaime being the one to bump off his twin sister would certainly make sense from a dramatic point of views, but what do you reckon, are you convinced?