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Game Of Bones: There's now an Iron Throne you can buy for your dog

That dog's name? Arya Bark

Game Of Bones: There's now an Iron Throne you can buy for your dog
01 March 2019

If you take away the pornography and the racism, the internet is pretty much just dogs and Game Of Thrones, which makes the existence of an Iron Throne for pooches inevitable really.

(Before we go any further, shall we work our way through a load of Game Of Thrones / dog puns, just to get them out of our collective systems?)

Ned Bark / Tyrion Labrador / Danairedale Targairedale / Brienne of Arf / Tormund Giantsbone / Khal Doggo / Tywinalot Lannister / Tywinalot Labrador / Woofrey Baratheon / Jaquen H’garf / okay, cool, let’s crack on / oh, for Christ’s sake, The Hound, bloody hell.

Etsy user MadeforPets has come up with a completely delightful Iron Throne for dogs (or cats, but cats are harder to do puns with) that is perfectly balanced between “seeming like something an animal will enjoy being on” and “something that reminds people of that TV show they like”. 

Winter is coming (to hump your leg) (the dog is named Winter)

Meow know nothing, Jon Snow!

Taking your dog to Woofsteros isn’t cheap, with the throne costing a reasonably whopping £211.54 plus delivery. What else are you going to do with money though? Eat it like some kind of stupid moth? 

(Meowlisandre? Jorah Mogmont? Cersiamesei Lannister? CAT PUNS DON’T WORK GOOD.)

(Pics: Etsy/MadeForPets)