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​Galaxy's rose-gold enchanted egg hunt is a chocolate lover's dream

A chocolate filled Easter adventure to remember

​Galaxy's rose-gold enchanted egg hunt is a chocolate lover's dream
Danielle de Wolfe
21 February 2020

Is it ever too early to start talking about Easter-related shenanigans - particularly when they involve copious amounts of chocolate? We think not.

Which is why the idea of Galaxy’s Enchanted Egg Hunt made the sweet toothed gremlin inside us jump for joy.

The concept is a collaboration between chocolate giant Galaxy and multi-sensory studio Bompas and Parr. Taking guests on a rose-gold tinged adventure, the event celebrates the launch of, you guessed it, Galaxy’s new Enchanted Eggs.

The ticketed event, taking place on 7 March at the Grays & Feather in central London, invites visitors into a wonderful world of chocolate discovery through an immersive hidden garden.

Guests are invited to sip on a rose-gold elixir upon arrival, finding clues and hidden eggs amongst the foliage which will eventually lead them to their gloriously golden gift.

Galaxy's rose-gold enchanted egg hunt is a chocolate lover's dream

Celebrating the unique chocolate launch, Galaxy’s new Enchanted Eggs are made from galaxy chocolate encrusted with crunchy caramel pieces and then rolled in rose gold.

Sounds fancy, huh?

The problem solving adventure probably isn’t ideal for the impatient among you, as each ticket ensures one hour of clues and exploration to find your gift.

Needless to say, if your craving for chocolate gets too strong, we’re sure a member of staff can direct you straight to your local supermarket.

Available from your local supermarket, prices start at £1.29 for an 80g egg and range all the way up to £11.99 for a giant Easter egg - who said the best things come in small packages?

Each time-alloted ticket costs £10 and comes complete with a cocktail (or mocktail), an Easter treat at the end of the problem solving adventure and multiple chocolate tasting opportunities along the way.

Chocolate lovers can pick up their tickets here, but remember, admittance is limited.

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