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G-Shock's striking multicolour collection

G-Shock's striking multicolour collection

G-Shock's striking multicolour collection
01 September 2014

G-Shock has never been the most subtle of watch brands. Their vast, muscular timepieces always have an air of indestructible solidity, promising they'll survive any impending apocalypse even if you don't. The latest autumn line up is somewhat more... playful.

While still boasting the usual rugged resistance to shocks, water and magnets, the new colour options for the GA-400 appear to have been sourced from a bucket of melted LEGO bricks. The 'Hyper Colour' models come in three variations, each capable of frying an unsuspecting retina: a pleasantly-clashing orange and blue, a blue and green, and a yellow to rival the livery of a JCB.

Inspired by Japanese pop culture and anime, the new watches feature a neat rotary switch, allowing the wearer to change between mode settings like countdown, timer and world clocks by nudging the large circular nob. Expect them to make a dazzling entry to G-Shock suppliers this autumn for around £100.

(Images: G-Shock)

[Via: High Snobiety]