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'Futurama' is coming back in a surprising new format

We're definitely intrigued

'Futurama' is coming back in a surprising new format

Sometimes you don’t fully appreciate a show until it’s gone, and Futurama is a prime example.

At times, the Matt Groening animation was better than its creator’s more famous show, The Simpsons – even though (or perhaps because) it wasn’t on our screens for nearly as long.

The last episode of the show aired in September 2013, bringing up a total of more than 100 episodes and four feature-length TV movies, but it has been away ever since… though not for much longer.

A few months back, during a reddit AMA which also involved a discussion of the famous ‘Jurassic Bark’ episode, executive producer David X Cohen told fans they could expect some new Futurama news pretty soon.

We were told to keep our expectations modest, but there’s a sense that any new Futurama is good news, everyone.

While Groening has announced a new TV project in the meantime, entitled Disenchantment, Futurama will be returning in podcast form.

According to Deadline, Groening, Cohen and others have been busy creating new content for the Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow mobile game, and some of that has led to a brand new 42-minute podcast episode.

Comedian Chris Hardwick was the man responsible for getting the project off the ground, and he voices villain Klaxxon alongside many of the original voice actors from Futurama’s TV days.

The full episode will air on, Spotify and Soundcloud on 14 September (there’s a countdown page here), while a section of the episode has already been made available if you can’t wait that long.

(Images: DeviantArt/Morbotron)