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This Futurama meme generator will rekindle your love for the show

Other memes can bite Bender's shiny metal ass

This Futurama meme generator will rekindle your love for the show

In the words of Professor Farnsworth, "Good news, everyone!"

Back in February we went yellow with glee at the discovery of the Frinkiac - a searchable depository of three million Simpsons screen captures, with an in-built meme generator. Quotes were searched, funny text was added, we had a ball.

Now, Futurama fans can join in the meme-related antics, thanks to the launch of the Morbotron.

How does it work?

Just stick your preferred quote in the Morbotron search bar.

It's exactly the same build as the Frinkiac: the creators have uploaded some 861,414 unique frames from 124 episodes (and four movies), along with subtitles matched to each frame. 

It's really, really thorough

The Morbotron will grab all frames associated with the quote you're looking for, building a list of frames for you to choose between. 

It can even build GIFs

In addition to adding text to still frames, the Morbotron can even build GIFs for you to share. 

It's beautiful. We love it. If you need us, we'll be rewatching Futurama episodes for the rest of the week. Why did they have to kill it...