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The 15 funniest, most WTF things that happened on British TV in 2017

Remember this bloke?

The 15 funniest, most WTF things that happened on British TV in 2017

While the rest of the world goes up in flames, British television is always there to help us through the pain. And in 2017 there have been some truly funny moments. Who can forget the BBC South Korea expert who was interrupted by his two kids and very embarrassed wife?

Many of the moments included in this list were so funny because of how mortifyingly cringe-worthy they were. Perhaps the most awkward (and therefore hilarious) moment of them all was when Huw Edwards sat silent on air during the BBC News at 10 for four minutes because a technical glitch. It was hard to watch but made for beautiful television. 

Here’s to another year of even funnier British TV in 2018! 

1. When comedian Mel Brooks spoke for the entire nation by tearing apart The One Show

2. Did you know Marcel from Love Island was in Blazin’ Squad?

3. When Huw Edwards sat in silence for FOUR MINUTES after a glitch on the BBC News at 10

But like a total pro, Huw posted this expert tweet after the debacle: 

4. When Allison Hammond from This Morning drove Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling to drink 

5. Every single moment of Elizabeth on The Apprentice

6. The South Korea expert who was interrupted by his hilarious children (my personal favourite)

7. When the #poogate date man re-enacted that infamous, smelly night

8. A Bake Off contestant’s decorative loaf that looked exactly like a huge penis

9. BBC newsreader Simon McCoy’s very unexcited announcement about Kate’s pregnancy 

10. Gemma Collins falling through a trap door at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards

11. When Amir Khan asked if a woman had ever been Prime Minister on I’m a Celeb

12. Grindah’s stag-do on People Just Do Nothing

13. The PAINFULLY awkward moment a woman on First Dates bailed without telling her date

And even though they weren’t first broadcast on British TV, we couldn’t do a round-up without including these utter gems:

14. When Fox News accidentally interviewed the smartest man in the world about Hurricane Irma

15. And finally, Australian MP Bob Katter’s baffling transition from talking about gay marriage to… deadly crocodiles

(Image: BBC)