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These predictions for how the 'Friends' stars will look in 2024 will ruin you

They were made back in 2004 by a magazine, and boy are they funny

These predictions for how the 'Friends' stars will look in 2024 will ruin you

2004 saw Kanye West’s debut album, the first season of a show called The Apprentice, presented by property tycoon Donald J. Trump, and Piers Morgan fired as editor of the Daily Mirror after a fake picture scandal.

It also saw Star Magazine use new-fangled technological computing wizardry to predict what the six main cast members of Friends – which was airing its 10th and final season – would look like in 20 years’ time.

And this is what it predicted. Hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen, because this is a wild ride.

Star Magazine, 2004

Hilariously terrible, we think you’ll agree?

Just look at the state of Chandler.

“Courteney Cox will still be stylish in her 50s” – yeah, but her face will also have completely changed shape.

Meanwhile Jennifer Aniston will “be puffier… but will always have great hair”, which we’re sure will come as some comfort as she confronts the wizened grandma-esque reflection that stares back at her in the mirror.

And what’s happened to Matt LeBlanc’s face?

But before we laugh too much, we began to search for recent pictures to put alongside these predictions, just to show how hilariously wrong they’d got it.

And suddenly...

Hmmm. That’s not a million miles away. After all, he might be dyeing it...

Not quite as puffy, but the hair and outfit are spookily close...

Maybe she’s dyeing it too?...if she is that’s pretty much bang on...

Oh god, somehow, unbelievably, that’s not miles away either is it...


OK, so Courteney Cox is completely wrong.

But the other five?

Let’s give it seven more years and see how they stack up.

Star Magazine, maybe you’ve actually predicted the future.

(Images: Star Magazine/Rex)