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This is the shockingly foul-mouthed rant Hillary Clinton unleashed as she prepared to debate Donald Trump

She called Donald Trump a 'disgusting' human being in her 'f***-laced fusillade'

This is the shockingly foul-mouthed rant Hillary Clinton unleashed as she prepared to debate Donald Trump
24 April 2018

Imagine the situation: it’s 2008 and you’re the front-runner to become president but the position instead goes to a young politician named Barack Obama. You’d be annoyed but probably understanding of the democratic process.

Fast-forward another eight years of working hard as the Secretary of State and again you’re the favourite to win the presidency. But instead, the job is taken by a supremely unqualified guy who didn’t even win the popular vote! You would be so PISSED… HOW COULD YOU EVEN RECOVER FROM THAT?!

All of this has, of course, been the recent story of Hillary Rodham Clinton. And now a new book has revealed how she went on a foul-mouthed “fuck-laced fusillade” during the 2016 election campaign as she prepared to debate Donald Trump. It’s enough to make even Trump himself blush.

Wouldn’t you be pissed if you had to debate Trump? 

According to the book about the presidential campaign by New York Times journalist Amy Chozick, the candidate was squirming with frustration over lingering concerns about her “authenticity” and racked with loathing for Donald Trump.

“Aides understood that in order to keep it all together onstage, Hillary sometimes needed to unleash on them in private,” Chozick writes in ‘Chasing Hillary: Ten Years, Two Presidential Campaigns and One Intact Glass Ceiling’.

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“‘You want authentic, here it is!’ she’d yelled in one prep session, followed by a fuck-laced fusillade about what a ‘disgusting’ human being Trump was and how he didn’t deserve to even be in the arena.”

The Guardian, which has obtained a copy of the book, adds that Hillary and her team were “freaking the fuck out,” Chozick recalls telling an editor.

Quite frankly, can you really blame her? Hillary Clinton was one of the most-qualified candidates to run for president in years and faced unfair attacks about her husband’s behaviour and political interference from FBI director James Comey. We feel your pain Hillary, we really do. 

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