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Football terrace style that won’t get you arrested

Our top 10 retro terrace pieces, featuring Fila, Ellesse, Fred Perry and more

Football terrace style that won’t get you arrested
19 July 2016

Over the last few decades football style has gotten itself some pretty negative connotations, mostly because a small number of fans have been pictured doing ludicrous things like punching police horses.

But the important thing to remember is that these people were awful way before they wore football tops and started abusing long faced mammals; the clothes have nothing to do with it. So we’ve decided it’s time to take back the retro football terrace look and give it the positive appreciation it deserves by rounding up our top 10 pieces you can get right now.

We're Fila-ing this look

The Italian brand has been going since 1911 and they’re still knocking out sleek pieces like this contrast v-neck tee. But if you’re worried about spilling your pie and mash down the front of it, it also comes in black.


Zip it

If we gave you 1,000 tries you probably still wouldn’t guess where this brand was stocked at. It’s SAINSBURY’S! Can you believe it? Who knew that when you went to get some carrots and bread you could pick up affordable retro sportswear?

From £6

White out

Although you might have to wear plastic bags around them to keep them sparkling white, these 90s footwear staples are worth the effort to keep clean.


Track star

Remember wearing these bad boys on sports day? Well they’re back, and they’re acceptable to wear even though you’re not running around with an egg and spoon.


The short of it

As well as being stylish and ultra comfy for summer, you can also pretend to be Danny Dyer in The Business. SHUT UP YOU MUPPET!


Cigarettes & alcohol & polo tops

Liam Gallagher’s 60s mod inspired brand produce some cracking polo tops in premium materials. We’re guessing this style with its cycling inspired zip polo neck is a homage to his bromance with professional cycler and sideburn owner, Bradley Wiggins.


In the hood

Although it started out as a tennis brand, Fred Perry was adopted by 80s skinheads and became synonymous with Britain’s lad culture in the 90s, sported by Britpop giants Blur and Oasis. They’ve still stayed true to their roots, but these days they’ve taken on a high fashion aesthetic.


Stan the man

With the current trend for wearing trainers with tailoring, you’d have to be mad to not have at least one pair of adidas Stan Smiths, as they are now the all-purpose shoe that goes with anything and everything. 


Simply red

Harringtons are like leather jackets – they’re timeless. Whatever season or year it is, you can wear one of these and it’ll still be relevant. We’re pretty sure that in the year 3000 when aliens have enslaved us all, they’ll be wearing them too.


Kick the bucket

Once predominantly known to only be worn by pensioners on fishing trips, but the return of the Stone Roses means that this banished 90s acid house staple is now an acceptable piece of summer headwear. Welcome back bucket hat, we've missed you.