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Football Brawl Ends With Eight Red Cards

Football Brawl Ends With Eight Red Cards

Football Brawl Ends With Eight Red Cards
07 April 2014

You can always rely on the South Americans for a good, old-fashioned mass brawl on a football field.

And this was one of the best, with both teams finishing the game with seven players following eight red cards.

The game, between lower league Brazilian local rivals Potiguar and Baraúnas, finished 2-1 to Potiguar, but the real action took place after Potiguar scored their first to take the lead. Violence erupted with punches, flying kicks and all the rest being unleashed - tragically only 15 seconds of footage were caught on camera, but it's 15 seconds of high quality brawling.

The seven versus seven finale was the minimum amount of players that could remain on the pitch before the game would have had to have been called off: the famous 'Battle of Bramall Lane' suffered this fate in 2002 after Sheffield United had three players sent-off and two injured, leaving them with just six remaining players. Opponents West Brom were awarded a 3-0 victory.

Watch clips of both below: enjoy.