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Five easy-to-use apps that will genuinely make you money

Don't worry it's not that quiz again

Five easy-to-use apps that will genuinely make you money
15 March 2018

It’s easy to think of apps that promise to make you money in the same category as those ropey emails you get that say: ’Want to make £££££ thousands by doing nothing & working from home? Call this number!’ But apparently there are some that actually might get you a bit of genuine cash. Emphasis on the bit. 

Don’t storm out of your office blazing a trail of smugness just yet, none of them are going to be your ticket out of the mortal realm, but they might pay your petrol money. 

We trawled through them all to bring you the least mind-numbing ones. Obviously we haven’t included HQ Trivia, because you’re already addicted to that, aren’t you?


Acorns links to your bank account and every time you make a purchase, rounds it up to the nearest pound or dollar and invests the little amount in between across a portfolio of over 7000 companies to minimise risk. It’s part of a growing trend of micro-investing. Growing, because nobody has any real money any more. 


Don’t worry this isn’t another global cryptocurrency that you have to try to pretend to understand and invest in. It’s an app developed in 2016 by two guys who realised that people would probably exercise more if there was a financial reward to be had. You accumulate Sweatcoins the more you move, so 1000 step outdoors equates to 0.95 sweatcoins. The more sweatcoins you have, the more you can exchange them for. Rewards include class passes within Sweatcoin’s marketplace, giftcards, and if you do twenty-one million steps, there’s a chance of a new iPhone. 


Earn money on Gigwalk by walking around and completing tasks such as taking a photo of a menu at a certain restaurant and uploading it, verifying if a certain bar is still open, or checking whether or not there is a queue for the latest clothing collaboration. The more ‘gigs’ you do the larger the amount of money associated with the task as time goes on.

Receipt Hog

Yep, get paid every time you take a picture of a receipt. I don’t understand the world any more.

Job Spotter

At least this one makes you feel like you might be doing something good instead of wasting your days and comparing yourselves to your grandparents who fought for their country or worked in a factory to put food on the table for 60 years straight. It’s not the same, but you’re at least helping someone find employment whilst making a bit of cash yourself.

Essentially, if you’ve got a lot of time on your hands and patience in your heart, and you can stand to be on your phone even more than you already are, then these apps might be for you. For everyone else, it might be worth looking into other methods. Or revising you general knowledge for your daily HQ Trivia dreams