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The first trailer for Blind Date is out and hey, the new theme music is terrible!

The best dating show ever is back

The first trailer for Blind Date is out and hey, the new theme music is terrible!

Remember when they changed the theme music for TOWIE to a much shitter one? No? What about when they did it to Hollyoaks?

“I remember that,” you say, agreeing, “it was a bollocks time.”

It’s the worst – don’t change the theme tune, ever, for anything. The only programme that has got away with this is Grange Hill, which already had an amazing theme tune, and then it changed to an equally as good one. I am not sure how this happened and it is the exception to the rule – everyone else, just follow Big Brother’s lead and never stray from the accepted formula.

Of course, I do not work in television, so nobody in the industry listens to my opinions on theme songs, which I assume is the sole reason that Channel 5 have completely ripped the arse out of the Blind Date theme tune, aka One Of The Best Theme Tunes Ever.

Look, or listen (preferably both):

Nonsense. Unlistenable nonsense.

But aside from that, GOOD NEWS: Blind Date is coming back, and that’s a great thing, because it’s the best dating show that has ever been on telly. First Dates gives it a good run for its money, but I think Blind Date just pips it to the manufactured-romance post.

I was so fully invested in it, that during one episode I burst into tears just because the contestant called Gary didn’t get picked.

Anyway, it’s back, and that’s great news as long as it’s good. Does this trailer hint at whether it’s good or not? It does not. Watch again:

It doesn’t give much away, apart from a rubbish theme tune and also a set that looks like they’re filming inside a giant wind tunnel or something. Maybe when a contestant gets rejected, the fans are turned on and they get hurled into the audience at great speed. It might even be better than the old series if that happened.

Anyway, it’s not going to be as good, I know it, but I’m still going to watch it when it starts on June 17 at 7pm on Channel 5. Probably cry at it as well. @ me.

(Images: Channel 5)