‘First of all’ is the latest meme everyone needs to know about

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Duncan Vicat-Brown
'First of all' is the latest meme everyone needs to know about

That’s right everyone; it’s New Meme Time again! Get out your rhyming Becktionary, get brainstorming and pray to your deity of choice that no one else has beaten you to it.

This one follows an extremely simple and potentially infinite formula, which by our measure gives it a life span of 48 more hours. Here’s your handy guide:


“First of all,” + [Counterpoint that directly contradicts “Statement!” while also in some way undermining its intent.]

Then you just post, sit back and wait for the likes and presumably money to roll in.

Confused? Here are a few of the funniest examples so far.

Crossover memes? You bet we’ve got crossover memes.

And, obviously, the brands are getting involved.

Happy memeing! Get your fill before the Alt Right ruins it.