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First Ever Tablet for Babies


First Ever Tablet for Babies

They say youngsters get more tech-savvy with every passing year, but this is ridiculous.

The first tablet computer designed specifically for babies has been unveiled at the London Toy Fair, with the product hitting the market later this year.

The InnoTab 2 Baby is aimed at kids from 12 months old, comes with a rubber "baby-proof" cover, and enables them to play simple games, listen to audiobooks with associated graphics, play music and take photographs. So it won't just be their parents filling up Facebook feeds with "adorable" pictures.

The product, which will retail at £85, is manufactured by VTech, with spokesman Clive Richardson saying: "this doesn't replace traditional toys. Children that young are interested in technology. And this allows parents to given their child something more appropriate than their own smart phone or adult tablet."

The sad, sad day when you have to ask a crawling toddler how to program your Sky+ box surely cannot be far away.

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Images: VTech