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Today in America: FBI agent back-flips in front of crowd, drops his gun, shoots innocent bystander

Watch the ridiculous video here

Today in America: FBI agent back-flips in front of crowd, drops his gun, shoots innocent bystander
04 June 2018

There is absolutely nothing wrong with showing off. If you are so inclined, it is one of life’s greatest pleasures - really getting a big crowd in front of you and doing something really funny or stupid and getting a big laugh - it enriches the life like not much else. Thing is, if you are planning on showing off, then it’s best not to do it with a big gun down the back of your pants. Especially if said showing off is ‘doing a back-flip’.

But hey, that’s exactly what happened this weekend, when an FBI agent was dancing in a Denver club in front of a soon-to-be-terrified crowd of party-goers. Because, during his big moment, he decided that he’d attempt a back-flip, during which his gun - his actual, live gun with ammunition in it - fell out of his arse and landed on the floor. When he realised this, he lunged forward to pick it up, and accidentally pulled the trigger, discharging the firearm and shooting someone in the leg.

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Watch this (through your fingers):

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Not much to say about this, is there? Says it all in the video, essentially. No real need to say: guns are dangerous, and if you’ve got one on you, it’s best to act accordingly (read: don’t do any back-flips, probably).

America’s blasé attitude to guns needs to change, and videos like the one above only prove this - that man is an FBI officer, he’s supposed to be the one protecting people, not shooting them in the leg for no reason. 

Hopefully ideas are well-and-truly bucked up in the immediate future.

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