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Here are five terrifying videos that prove teachers shouldn't have guns

It comes after news that a teacher injured three students accidentally firing a gun in class in the US

Here are five terrifying videos that prove teachers shouldn't have guns
15 March 2018

So, in news that will surprise precisely zero human beings, a teacher who was demonstrating gun safety to his pupils in an American school accidentally discharged his weapon and injured three students. A TEACHER. HAD. A LOADED GUN. IN A CLASSROOM. That’s what happened. A teacher brought a deadly weapon into his place of work, waved it around in front of a load of innocent children, and then shot it at the ceiling, causing bullet fragments to lodge in at least one child’s neck. Not on the telly, in real life.

The teacher was supposedly trained in weapons, but presumably that training did not include a lesson on ‘not pointing a loaded gun at the ceiling in a class full of children’. The school, in Monterey, California, has thankfully placed the man on administrative leave, and presumably taken his gun so that he doesn’t accidentally kill the postman at home or something.

The Monterey Peninsula unified school district superintendent, PK Diffenbaugh, said:

“I think a lot of questions on parents’ minds are, why a teacher would be pointing a loaded firearm at the ceiling in front of students.”

Agree to a percentage of 100, there. Trump pushing for teachers to be armed is The World’s Worst Idea™️, and here are five handy videos that prove the point:

(Sound is recommended for these)

“Did you mean to do that?”


The adult version of looking down a blocked garden hose.

Top tip: Put your hand over the end of the barrel if you want to stop the bullet coming out when you shoot it.

“Luckily you weren’t pointing it at me”

“nO sHiT”

This is literally a man in a classroom, teaching students about gun safety, shooting himself in the foot. LITERALLY SHOOTING HIMSELF IN THE FOOT.

It is so easy to accidentally discharge a weapon, particularly if you are a teacher, who did not get into teaching to carry guns because that’s a job for the army

Let’s get rid of this please, put it in the blender, bury it at sea - it is for the bin and nowhere else.

(Image: Rex)