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The 10 fastest players in the Premier League this season - so far

There's a new number one

The 10 fastest players in the Premier League this season - so far
06 October 2017

If you’re one of those people who has already started playing FIFA 18, you’re probably already on the lookout for players with pace.

There are some Premier League players who we know are absolutely rapid, but we’re often surprised to see certain players show a burst of speed we didn’t know they were capable of.

We’re currently in the middle of the second international break of the season, which means people have had time to collate the fastest speeds recorded by Premier League players in the 2017/18 campaign.

According to Opta, who began calculating players’ peak speeds in the 2014/15 season, the fastest speed recorded by a top-flight player in England this season is also the fastest in any of the last four campaigns.

That honour had previously been held by Leicester City striker and ShortList cover star Jamie Vardy, who recorded a top speed of 35.44km/h during his team’s 2015/16 title-winning run, but he has now been knocked off the top.

Here’s the top 10: 

10. Sadio Mané, Liverpool - 34.84km/h

9. Kurt Zouma, Stoke - 34.94km/h

8. Jamie Vardy, Leicester - 35.09km/h

7. Laurent Koscielny, Arsenal - 35.11km/h

6. Kiko Femenía, Watford - 35.12km/h

5. Oliver Burke, West Brom - 35.13km/h

4. Kyle Walker, Manchester City - 35.16km/h

3. Antonio Rüdiger, Chelsea - 35.19km/h

2. Patrick van Aanholt, Crystal Palace - 35.42km/h

1. Leroy Sané, Manchester City - 35.48km/h

(Images - Rex Features)