Famous Films and TV shows Turned Into Game of Thrones Banners


"With great power comes great nudity."

Given we’ve already seen football teams treated to the Game of Thrones banner treatment, it was just a matter of time before we had other pop culture phenomena celebrated in this way too.

From Spider-Man to Star Wars, these creeds and emblems chosen by artist Lokiable to represent certain TV shows, books and films wouldn't look at all amiss wafting in high winds across the turrets of imposing castles in which horror abounds. Oh, and there's House House, in case the people of Westeros appreciate irony.

Who knows, with another Spider-Man film in the pipeline, maybe Marvel will want to take note from the dark-if-simplistic Parker House motif. Then again, we don’t think the web-slinger is quite ready for incest, gratuitous nudity and beheadings just yet. His Spidey Sense would be all over the shop.