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Evil troublemakers have gone too far with this ‘fake plug socket’ trick

The phrase 'evil genius' was made for this

Evil troublemakers have gone too far with this ‘fake plug socket’ trick
09 August 2018

Some things in life are truly unforgiveable. Murder. Pineapple on pizza. Spelling someone’s name wrong at Starbucks. But humanity has now reached a new low.

We’ve all, at one point or another, panicked as we’ve seen our phone battery drop below 20% - especially when it happens more quickly than we’re used to.

We’ve frantically scoured wherever we are for a spare socket, be it in a café, office, airport or anywhere else, breathing a huge sigh of relief upon finding one and seeing that 15% tick up into the twenties and thirties.

But wait, that’s… surely not? Surely no one would be so cruel as to…

Sadly, our worst fears have been realised. Someone’s going around sticking fake power outlets around travel hubs – it only seems to have cropped up in the US so far, but who’s to stop the prank making its way over here? Especially if they’re being stuck on walls at literal airports.

That’s right, airports. Where you’re already likely to be a little on edge and could do without any extra frustration to tip you over the edge.

The stickers have been spotted on Amazon, and in a way it’s just a case of old-school joke shop pranks finally making their way into the 21st century.

Pranks are certainly becoming more sophisticated – or at least given more thought – but sometimes simplicity is the key.

Pranks can either be funny or really, really, really, really annoying, but there’s always a sense of ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ after noticing something like this.

The next-level version, then, is surely to stick these over actual power sockets. That way, not only do you frustrate people who try plugging into a sticker, but you rob them of an outlet they’d find if only they’d thought to peel it back.

What? Too far?

(Images: Pixabay)