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Man pranks hundreds of racists on Facebook with a photo of... some bus seats

Who would've thought racists would be so stupid?

Man pranks hundreds of racists on Facebook with a photo of... some bus seats
02 August 2017

It’s fun messing with racists – they’re often so angry that the red mist completely hampers their ability to tell when they’re the butt of the joke. They can’t see the mickey through their screaming and shouting. They’re easy to wind up, basically.

Which is why this, potentially the greatest practical joke to ever annoy a bunch of racists, is so good – because it is so simple. 

The picture below was posted on a Norweigian anti-immigration Facebook page called Fedrelandet viktigst (‘Fatherland first’) with the caption “What do people think about this?”

Of course, it brought with it a vitriolic knee-jerk reaction from members of the page, all denouncing it. The outrage at a group of burka-wearing women on a bus was way too much for their tiny brains to handle.

But… but... you can see what’s wrong here, right? You can see why it is absolutely hilarious that people are getting angry at this photo, yeah?

Exactly, it’s a picture of six completely empty seats. There is nobody there.

Still, that’s not going to stop the angry internet brigade, is it? A picture of some seats? WHAT A DISGUSTING LIBERTY. HOW CAN THIS BE ALLOWED. I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’VE DONE THIS.

The post therefore attracted hundreds and hundreds of comments, an outpouring of hate directed at… some seats. An armada of high-horses, ridden by oar-wielding keyboard warriors, wading into battle. ALL BECOZ OF SUM SEETS. 

Translated comments include:

“It looks really scary, should be banned. You can never know who is under there. Could be terrorists with weapons.”

“Get them out of our country, those who look like collapsed umbrellas. Frightening times we are living in.”

“I thought it would be like this in the year 2050, but it is happening NOW!!!!”

Sindre Beyer, whose post brought attention to the blind right-wing puke that splatters some parts of the internet, spoke to Norweigan newspaper Nettavisen, and said:

“I’m shocked by how much hate and fake news is spread there. The hatred that was displayed toward some empty bus seats really shows how much prejudices trump wisdom.

“That’s why I shared the post so that more people can see what is happening in the dark corners of the web.”

Although this whole debacle is undeniably funny, it does hide a sinister, and decidedly unfunny realisation that this type of uninformed, conclusion-jumping hate exists in the world. I would much prefer that people actually hated bus seats over other human beings. In fact, the seats on my bus are pretty rank – that where I’ll be directing my scorn on the way home tonight. You should too.

(Image: Facebook)