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This Facebook meme is confusing the hell out of people, but it really shouldn't be

People don't really think things through, do they?

This Facebook meme is confusing the hell out of people, but it really shouldn't be

You know those “Take your house number, divide it by the number of childhood pets you had, think of a colour with the first letter of the number, then pick an animal that is that colour, then think of the word ‘champagne’. Was the word you were thinking of champagne?” things that you find on the internet now and again? The faux-shocking fans that always - and can only - end up on the same answer regardless of the input? Well, we’ve got a new one for ya, and it’s one of the most staggeringly obvious ones yet.

Just wrap your head around this one (hope your forehead is prepped for a big old slap - it’s about to get one):

Go on, try it, you idiot. Chances are, it’ll turn up with the right answer. It certainly has for the rest of Facebook:

A search anywhere and you’ll find thousands of people sharing it, commenting on it and typing things like “WOW” and “This only happens once every 3000 years” and “My brain has been irreversibly altered as a result of this information - I will never be the same again”. It’s everywhere, basically.

Hopefully you are not confused by this and need me to tell you why it’s howlingly obvious? Because I won’t, so please don’t even try it out - you are, aren’t you? YOU’RE TRYING IT, STOP IT. (Hint: if you try it with the age you will be next year, you could quite probably get 2018.)

Even weirder is: there are a bunch of people who haven’t had their birthday this year yet, so it’s gone viral even though it’s not even working for a load of people. So basically, if you are going to share it - like, to weed out the weakest of your friends - then do it on New Year’s Eve or something, you’ll get a better hit rate.

God I love the internet. I also hate it of course, but if you can’t love and hate something (read: everything) at the same time, then what can you do?

(Image: Columbia Pictures)