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Experts say we should be allowed to have a nap at work today to make up for the clocks going forward

Happy British Summer Time!

Experts say we should be allowed to have a nap at work today to make up for the clocks going forward
26 March 2018

If, like me, you don’t really understand the whole clock-changing thing, today can be quite disorientating. You wake up at a strange time, it’s weirdly dark and you didn’t get enough sleep.

But now, to make up for the clocks going forward for British Summer Time, experts say employees should be allowed to have an afternoon nap at work.

According to The Sun, psychologist Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, who led a research scheme for the University of Leeds, said the time change could see some workers drop to four hours of sleep. 

She said: “This weekend the clocks go forward and we’ll lose an hour of sleep on Sunday.

“The loss of an hour in bed is particularly detrimental to individuals who already struggle with their sleep, and recent research by Silentnight has proved that many Brits, including children, are dangerously sleep deprived.”


Dr Nerina added: “Allowing staff to indulge in a nap during the working day might sound unusual, but considering the country will be losing an hour of sleep over the weekend it’s a fair request.

“Some kind of national napping day would allow the UK workforce to return to their jobs feeling refreshed and ready.”

If you ask us, we think this is a fantastic idea. We’re going to pencil in a sleeping schedule here at the ShortList office. Pyjamas, hot cocoa and sleep masks are at the ready!

If, however, your boss is a bit less understanding, here are some tips for getting a good night’s sleep tonight from Dr Ian Wallace:

1. Leave work at work

2. Can the coffee

3. Bin the booze

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