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Experience all of cinema's most cringe-inducing moments at once

The ultimate endurance supercut

Experience all of cinema's most cringe-inducing moments at once

How much do you like looking at your shoes? Do you love to look at them so much so that you wish you had an excuse to spend entire days staring at them adoringly, your neck cricked and your eyes full of longing? Well supercut maestros Burger Fiction have just the thing for you.

Their 10 minute long collection of mortifying movie moments is for everyone whose preferred method for watching stuff is through their hands. It’s for those who actively enjoy the sensation of inadvertently texting a friend slagging them off. It’s for those who revel in the feeling of hot shame that spreads across your face seconds after realising you’ve misjudged the mood of a party and made explicit and light-hearted reference to the host’s recently deceased pet. It’s for the masochists among us who would forgo finding ‘the One’ if it meant that every time they plucked up the courage to ask someone out, they would promptly projectile vomit in the object of their affection’s face.

It also features Ben Stiller. A lot.