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EXCLUSIVE: James May ventures to India in first-look clip from new Prime series

Captain Slow returns to our screens - and this time, he's looking for enlightenment

EXCLUSIVE: James May ventures to India in first-look clip from new Prime series
Danielle de Wolfe
05 January 2024

Prepare for an eventful voyage into the unknown, as James May returns our screens - and this time, he's taking on India.

We've got our hands on an exclusive clip from the series, with Captain Slow up to his usual tricks as he embarks on a 3,000 mile coast-to-coast adventure across one of the world's most vibrant nations.

Fully immersing himself in the culture, James May: Our Man In India sees the presenter unpack the lesser known sides of this giant, bustling nation.

Calls of "I shouldn't have had the Buryani" come at no extra cost this time around, as the presenter sets off from the Arabian Sea in search of cultural enlightenment.

And enlightenment he finds - or rather, the unique feeling of undergoing an authentic Indian head massage.

"He's got very strong thumbs," yelps May as he undergoes the traditional treatment.

"I'll just wait 'til I've got my face back," he adds, hair now comparable to a static incarnation of Einstein's.

The latest instalment of May's Our Man In... series, the latest release - which hits the streaming service today - is a clumsy and thoroughly entertaining voyage across the culturally rich nation.

Needless to say, chaos is never more than a few steps away, with May learning how to fly kites and discovering how cricket bats are made as part of his latest adventure.

Everything in his path is tackled with characteristic clumsiness, with full cultural immersion the only option.

Traversing the baking deserts of Rajasthan, alongside the dramatic landscapes served up by the Himalayan foothills, the trip isn't all about picturesque landscapes.

Home to more than 1.4 billion people, May's exploration of India's lush green mangroves is contrasted by visits to the country's world-renowned megacities, taking in the bustle of Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata.

Take the most colourful, noisy and tasty elements of his trip so far - and then turn the volume up to 10.

There's also the small matter of May's Indian small-screen debut, as he takes on a bit-part acting role in one of the country's regional television programmes.

We bet that's wet your whistle for more.

James May: Our Man in India is now available on Prime Video