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Excellent Interstellar Lego Set

Excellent Interstellar Lego Set

Excellent Interstellar Lego Set

About four hours.

That's how long we think it must take until, somewhere in the world, a dedicated Lego builder recreates the latest blockbuster film in block-form. Maybe four and a half, depending on how long it takes for them to find that last grey/black/white brick.

The latest film-inspired build to have surfaced on the web is this glorious Interstellar set by master builder jp_velociraptor. The Lego versions of McConaughey, Hathaway and co have their own scaled version of the Ranger ship - but it's the details on the robots TARS and CASE that have us reaching for our bin of Lego bricks in envy.

Sadly, this is just a passion project from jp_velociraptor - you're going to have to build your own if you want to recreate the space/time adventures of Nolan's latest romp.

(Images: jp_velociraptor)

[Via: Gizmodo]