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Grime artists re-imagined as 18th Century works of art

Grime artists re-imagined as 18th Century works of art

Grime artists re-imagined as 18th Century works of art
04 December 2015

If you're at a loss of something to do tonight, get yourself to Tate Britain for its final Late At Tate series. Having already covered 'Power' and 'Body', tonight is the turn of 'Celebrity', and it promises some veritable feasts for the eyes.

One of the most notable exhibitions comes from Reuben Dangoor called 'Legends Of The Scene', in which he's painted famous grime stars as landed gentry. Think Wiley dressed as a knight and erm, riding a motorbike.

 Dangoor says the works were inspired by the fact that he was so glad garage and grime finally started to get the recognition it deserved that he wanted to "honour some of the legends in a historical way". That he has.

[Images: Reuben Dangoor]

General of Newham

How best to capture D Double E of the Newham Generals in portrait form? As an actual general, of course. Complete with a Street Fighter badge, and a microphone instead of a sword.

Lord Of The Manor

We don't know what Stormzy's house looks like - but if he doesn't keep his latest pair of Adidas kicks next to his antique armchair and roaring fire, we'll be disappointed.

Jus a Royal

Dizzee Rascal's taken his own advice to fix up and look sharp - being that he helped make the genre so commercially successful it seems right that he's the king of grime. 

Knight Rider

No Rolexes here - to ride his beastly motorbike steed, Wiley's got a full-on gold coat of armour and a cape. We can only imagine at the chafing.

Tracksuit of Armour

Why wouldn't you dress to match your horse? You might recognise Skepta's all-white tracksuit from his Shutdown video - a brave choice when riding bareback.