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Epic new Batman v Superman trailer reveals Wonder Woman

Warning: Here be spoilers

Epic new Batman v Superman trailer reveals Wonder Woman
03 December 2015

Now it's a party.
Quite literally in the latest blockbuster trailer for Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman, which opens with Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent taking an instant dislike to one another at a swanky soirée hosted by Lex Luthor, culminating in a battle between Wonder Woman and new villain Doomsday. 

But back to the main duo, whose frosty first stand-off - soundtracked to the sort of background classical music you only tend to hear in movie scenes and Caffe Nero - is broken up by none other than Luthor himself, clearly smitten at the sight of Gotham's finest and Metropolis's man of the moment. 

Beyond this point it's SPOILER TOWN, pretty much giving away the entire story arc along with the biggest scenes as well as setting up The Justice League.

Enjoy at your peril.